Sunday, 27 September 2015

Arsenal vs Manchester united

The biggest game on the epl calendar in Kenya takes place on Sunday 4th October. The club will be full an hour before the game start. Forget about Man united vs Liverpool. This is the game the any sane Kenyan who has an inkling about FOOTBALL won't miss.

Starting from school going children to the old....even those who have no idea still ask if Thierry Henry plays. The fare sex about David Beckham as if he is still playing.

'Theo Walcott is so cute' quips a not so good looking chick.

What has changed the complexion of the game is betting. A while ago betting was mainly done between friends but that has changed RECENTLY. A lot of money is being used to bet on games.

What is not known is why the game is so popular among Kenyans.Some say its because of the advent of televised games in the late 90's and the only team giving Manchester United competition was Arsenal.

All in all Sunday is going to be big, both for the fans and the betting companies. Hope it will not be like this

Manchester City vs Tottenham

Manchester city vs Tottenham hotspur.. At the Club.
Few fans.. Less banter. The two teams do not have many fans in Kenya as compared to Arsenal or Man utd.. The banter was mainly on sportpesa – an online betting company. Whenever someone bets on a game he is sure to win he ends up losing. Take for example the game between Celta Vigo and Barcelona.. Who would have expected Barcelona to lose so miserably
One guy was saying how he had gone through the harrowing loss. He had placed a bet of 1000 Kenyan shillings expecting to win 750 on top. When the first goal was scored by Celta he thought Barcelona will eventually win. A second goal and he began to become anxious. The money was the only… (There was noise from the single man city fan in the club.. De Bruyne had scored).  He didn’t have any other money and so he had been hopeful he will win. Celta had then scored the third goal and he had began to shake.. The worry was there now.
The game of Man city against Tottenham continued. The few people in the club had made waiters start to sleep. A guy ordered for sprite.. The waiter thought….. He will drink this one bottle through the whole game and the next one. If customers continued this way then the waiter thought he will lose his job.
The fan who had betted against Barcelona continued his story.. Neymar scored in the 80th minute. Betting involves being hopeful even when there is no time remaining. His hope lasted for two minutes as Guidetti scored a fourth goal.. He finished his story as Dyer scored the equalizing goal against Manchester City.

In the end Tottenham won the game leaving the Man United fans ecstatic. The guy who had placed a bet against Celta vigo was crestfallen. he had just lost another bet....................SEE HERE

Manchester united vs Sunderland

The club was full as compared to the Manchester City vs Tottenham game. The problem was that Arsenal was also playing at the same time.
An argument had now developed.. Which game should be watched. Man united seemed to have many fans in the club but the Arsenal fans were very vocal. It was eventually decided that Man united game would be shown for the first half and Arsenal for the second half. Everybody seemed contented but after 20 minutes the waiter who was an arsenal fan changed channels for the arsenal game.
The guy who had bought sprite soda during the Man City game was not yet through.. The ones who had betted for Man City to win were counting there losses. One fan told me he had been expecting to win 10k on a multibet involving Man city. He was now counting his loses. Those who had betted for the jackpot were busy on to see if they will win. There hopes were extinguished in the first 30 minutes of the game.
Sportpesa is conning us shouted one man united fan. Sportpesa is the online betting company
Arsenal scored there second goal followed by much noise from there few fans and groans from the Man united fan.
Another waiter took the remote from the arsenal fan and changed to the Man United game. This process would continue upto the end of the games. There were some lucky winners from there bet on sportpesa but most had lost their bets.
In the end all the fans were happy, Arsenal had won same as Man United.