Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Arsenal vs Manchester United at a glance

11 game's in the epl, Man City still leads Arsenal albeit on goal difference. Leicester remains the surprise package. They have only lost one game,  together with Tottenham.

Manchester United struggles in front of goal continues. They have failed to score in their last two games. Rooney has been struggling for form, you wonder if it's Van Gaal style of play or age is at last catching up with him.

Arsenal continue to impress with their style of play and confidence. Right now every arsenal fan, even those who had emigrated to Chelsea have found their voices. I hope it is for along time or those ‘Wenger out ‘ banners and hash tags will reappear.

Case in point is the loss against Olympiakos, every Arsenal fan was baying for Wenger’s head but that changed immediately after Arsenal whitewashed Manchester United at the Emirates.

For Manchester United the season is dull to them. Dull just like the football their team is playing. While fans want Van Gaal to revert Man United to the olden days of attacking football, Van Gaal doesn't see it that way. Van Gaal is obsessed with possession football and team balance. Not forgetting the Philosophy,  on a clipboard.

Manchester City is still the team to beat while Chelsea are still digging for Oil. Hope they get it soon and faster.

So far eleven games have been played..

Arsenal wins: 8

Man United wins: 6

Each team has lost two games. Arsenal’s goal difference is 13 while Man United’s is 7.

Currently Arsenal leads the form table having won their last fivr epl games.

Next fixture.

Bayern Munich vs Arsenal. Arsenal require a win to maintain their record of qualifying to the second leg.

Manchester United vs CSKA Moscow. Man United also require a win to atleast guarantee themselves a chance for the next stage.

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